• 2012-10-15

    Just like a ferry tale...


    I think that I should get back to this blog for some real reasons, which I have been seeking for. Because the regular reasons are just lame to convince myself enough. I have met some pretty interesting people in my life in a short period of time. This experience is very intensive, but I guess that this is what brings up the real core of life. 

    And the most amazing part of these experiences is that they are so authentic and strong. It is not what a person usually encounters under the mask of life, where the stories are being told in a hidden way, where people greet each other with a smile of politeness. They are so real.

    No guess, no assumptions, no cover-up.


    Interestingly, I somehow can see myself in them. Futurism comes into play in a funny way, with a poisinous/luring tone. It reveals the desperate and contradicting perspectives of life, which makes me nervous but meanwhile excited. There are so much there, not on the surface but deep down, down to the bottom of everyone's heart. It only happens when you begin to want to know.

    Wanting is the only thing that you need to do, actually..

    That's all I can tell myself, also all the other people. Life keeps marching on, and just keeps marching on. Something that used to be in your imagination will just appear.

    Just a ferry tale. 


    Marching on. and TBC...Hello, this is Ann.