• 2012-10-25

    Forget about the presentation parts.


    Three days of brainstorming -- actually storming too much to think any more. People with their occupations really do their jobs well, and I payed too much attention to everyone with full respect.

    I am so nice...Brain is kinda burned...

    I digged into my garbbage bin, and rescued a piece of my history that day. It was an old geek magazine with some articles about the a game to change the music industry. It sounded so real, and made me almost believe in it. I somehow admired the presentation without direct personal contact, such as writing, photography, and some types of art. No apperance, no unnecessary facial expressions and body languages, and no tones. You read it, and you feel about it, and you are impressed by it. How amazing! Thus, I kept it back to my draw under the bed, and made it a reminder of my own life goal. 

    Be light, and be impressive.



    KANDINSKY 2012-10-25