• 2012-10-26

    I actually dislike the fact that information has to be delivered visually.


    I personally apologize for my last two posts,  one with a video clip and one with one image. How could people think about that they can put one thing out there and feel like so smart and content about themselves! 

    My dad would tell you that "It is Very very Wrong! (Did I raise you up to do this?)" 

    Anyway, just yelling. I am chill. But I actually agree with that. The degree of freedom in a piece of image just loosen up too much space for imagination and opinions. Let's just uniform them into a line and implement some agreements into the readers' brains, then we don't need to bother with debates and presidential election, those kinda time-wasting stuff. One rule rules! 

    We should definitely answer questions and act as if we know what is going on. And we will also need to behave as a person who is highly responsible for the future's development for the society. Because it is what it is, just like back in the Aristotle's timeLife was much easier back then. 

    So, I will stick to words and try to turn it into a habit from now on. 



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