• 2009-04-11

    【Conception】艺术的次层 - [Notes on ART]





    而现在所能看到的艺术的次层,可以称作艺术的另一种创作方式。比如在Fine Art的形式之外,新鲜产生的电子,数码,科技,设计等等,在更加实用领域的艺术化要求,使得艺术成为一种趋势化的半成品。在脱离了原本的画布,展厅,博物馆,收藏室之后,艺术更加普遍,并且与更多更广泛的层面良好的融合。虽然不好说这是一种怎样的趋势,但是让艺术可以平均化,或者浅显易懂化,也是亘古不变的长久以来的一种在文艺界中各种形式的趋势。



    [English Version] My first time translation..

    A sub-level for art is an eery idea that suddenly popped up in my mind. However, when I think more about it, it is quite common and self-evident. The previous discussions about “simplism” and pureness of art and the freedom and diversity of the creating process helps the production of the conception of sub-level art.


    The space for a sub-level art exists in a hidden point of a higher level or regular forms of fine art. It could just be a conception, also could be a format of art works. Nevertheless, its substantial existence is never interrupted. For instance, during the early stage of art, the sub-level art could just be a concept, or an attempt. These sub-levels subsisted in the rebellious motions towards traditional art schema. Later, as the emerging and popularizing of contemporary art, more and more anti-traditional and revolutionary art forms and perspectives have been utilized and recognized by the public. The conceptual sub-level art gradually transforms its hidden character to an obvious arena.


    Nowadays, the sub-level art can be found or considered as new approaches to art. Advanced techniques provide art with a more intimated connection with fields that are more practical and accessible to daily life. Art, on the other hand, has been partly deprived from the ordinary canvas and paper, galleries, museums and special collections, also those hermetic nature of artistic practice. Art becomes more common, and merged with broader range of things. Though it is difficult to distinguish a future in this trend, but the idea of making art average and more understandable is something that has not changed in the literature and art area since long before.


    Another sub-level for art relates with artists’ emotion and attitudes during executing art works. This could be touched with the individual artists, which I mentioned in previous articles. Many artists argue that their works are either misunderstood, or stressed too much unnecessary opinions with it. The relationship between art and artist creates a subtle space. Some artists have learned to use this space to protect their own art works position. Other artists solemnly defend their own fields to prevent from additional colors to fill into the space.