• 2009-04-13

    【OpenEyes】未来的遗迹--COUNTRY Gerry Judah - [Artspiration]


    你有没有想过现在所有存在的一切 有可能会成为未来的遗迹

    COUNTRY Gerry Judah

    Wolverhampton Art Gallery

    11 Apr 09 - 27 Jun 09

    Gerry Judah的最近雕塑作品以及与之相关的一video最近展出。讲述了关于战争的为中东很多国家带来的灾难,使用简单的黑白材料和建筑模型,以及结合了动态影像的慢镜头来揭示了关于文明,关于城市,关于存在的遗失的意义。并且在环境,社会以及强大的人类社会控制之中被忽略或者被强行毁灭的文化之中表述一种强烈的情绪。


    "The role for contemporary artists is to react and reflect upon life and the world around us. They may choose to celebrate form and beauty in figuration or abstraction, or perhaps to reflect on the social mores and politics of society. They may share with us a visual diary or preoccupation, coloured by their personal sensibility, or they may choose to express a sense of collective mind. Simultaneously they are creating a distinct artwork that has a unique voice and spirit, which will invite us to share their thoughts or narrative, whilst also exploring our own.

    Gerry Judah’s paintings are a direct response to conflict across the globe, and the impact of that violence, whether it is the consequence of war or natural disaster. At the same time, he is fascinated by changing urban landscape, and his paintings explore the dynamic of construction and destruction. It is hard to look at his work without reflecting on conflict in the Middle East whether that be Afghanistan, Iraq or recent months in Gaza. There are also echoes of the devastation ensuing from climate change wrought by hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding and bushfires that remind us of New Orleans underwater, or the aftermath of the tsunami in the Asian Basin. Although on first inspection, Judah’s epic landscapes articulate global concerns for peace, he acknowledges the dangers of man’s impact on a finely balanced global ecology, and the decimation that unravels as we exploit the planet with an ever growing appetite."

                                                                                                             ----Jenny Blyth, 2009


    Ann's note

    不知不觉又回到了艺术更强大更加多元和社会化的一方面,但是貌似这是现在唯一使得艺术的知名程度上升,并且引起所谓高层关注的方式。不去讨论艺术存在的社会圈子,单纯的就这一作品来说。一种很浓郁以及强大的情绪在直面的色彩和残缺不全的表现中被表达出来,没有人说得出来这大概是怎样一种感情,愤怒,惋惜抑或呼吁。这是一个巨大的空白。这大概也是很多现在与文化或者当代社会话题有关联的艺术家,抑或作家,教育者,宣传者做事情所选择的方式之一 —— 掩盖自己的观点。


    I am coming back to the topic that art should contain multi-directed and society-related perspetives. In spite of increasing attention and reputation of artists and the art works, one art work which simply concentrates on a perticular social issue involves intense and profound emotions. When presenting as an art work, no exactly accurate answers are given to the viewers. Sometimes the art works leaves blanks for what the artist is talking about. It might be a method for culture propagandist (writers, artists, educators) to convey their ideas related with current social issues. It makes me wonder that as public arts (or art shown in public), neutraly or utilizing indirect or other medias is a way to keep them stay in sight.