• 2009-04-16

    【Idea】达达主义--思考 - [Notes on ART]



    A self-statement of an aritist about Dadalism. Instead of providing some information about Dada, I simply just put the thinking process of an aritist when he created a piece here.


    The Spirit of Out Times and Mechanical Head (1919-1920, Paris, Musee national d'art moderne)

    "For some time, I had realized that people actually have no personality at all and that their face is nothing but an image created at the hairdresser's.

    "So I decided to strat my work with one of the simple, naive heads used by apprentice hairdressers learning how to make wigs."

    "What an idea!

    "My goal was to reveal the spirit of our times, the spirit of everyone in its most rudimentary state. Intellecrtuals and poets were saying the most marvelous things about the people. I thought I knew better.

    "The average man's only capacities are the ones that chance has stuck him with -- you might say the ones that chance has stuck onto his skull; his brain is empty.

    "So I got a nice wood head and polished it until it gleamed. Then I started sticking things on it. First, I crowned it with a collapsable cup.

    "Next, I attached a purse to the back of its head. I found a little jewel case and put it where the right ear should have been.

    "I then put a typography cylinder and pipe stem inside the case.

    "Now for the left side.

    "Sure enough, I wanted to change materials. I took some kind of a bronze component out of an old camera and attached it to a ruler. As I looked my creation over, I decided it needed an extra touch and added a little piece of white cardboard with the number 22 marked on it, for the spirit of our times was obviously numerical.

    "That's how I went about making the hear you see today with screws in its temples and part of a tape measure on its forehead (for modern man must do everything with mearsure).

    "Isn't it a love?"



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