• 2009-04-18

    【BOOM!】Women Art Revolution -- 社会 - [Artspiration]


    Lynn Hershman Leeson从3000名来自于美国和加拿大的艺术家中,凭借其作品 women art revolution 获得了Guggenheim Fellowship。Guggenheim Fellows 关注于显著的在文化界内的作品以及贡献,大部分作品都旨在更好的宣传教育,文学,艺术,科学,音乐等方面的观念,并且越来越关注融合更加国际化的思想。Women Art Revolution是一部关于女权艺术革命的变革的纪录片,其中记录了在整个社会发展(主要为西方社会)过程中女权主义的发展和变化。其中运用了大量历史资料,访谈内容,关注与种族,政治,以及性别等等有争议的话题。


    "As a feature-length documentary, "Women Art Revolution" reveals how the Feminist Art Revolution radically transformed the art and culture of our times. Shot over four decades, the film includes intimate interviews, provocative art, and rare, historical film and video footage that annotates evolution of the Feminist Art Movement in the United States. This film is also supported by Creative Capital and The National Endowment for the Arts.

    "Internationally acclaimed for her pioneering use of new technologies, Hershman has taken a radically democratic step toward global access to all the raw footage by partnering with Stanford University's Special Collections and Gender Studies Division, which is digitizing more than 200 hours of video and will, when the film is released next year, publicly distribute it online along with a robust interactive wiki. As an innovative open archive, the forthcoming website will continue to grow–as users add commentary and contribute additional resources or media related to feminist art."


    MORE ABOUT HER: http://lynnhershman.com/

    The Trailer: http://womenartrevolution.com/trailer.html



    Ann's Note


    Feminist: 男女平等主义者,很多时候被误翻译为女权主义者。对于女性这一特殊的社会群体的特别标识特说明了其不同处,和社会待遇的不公点。很多时候,人们社会很多现象缺乏关注和认知,后者是更加严重的现象。缺乏认识等同于无动于衷,也会造成了整个社会不公的延续。

    As part of all kinds of cultural products, to propagate and to uncover unfair social phenomenen are two biggest parts of their functions. In fact, tagging females as one of the special social groups is to affix prejudice with it. Some of social prejudiced phenomenen are lack of public attetion and understanding. Public attention is more important comparing to understanding. A society which has no motivation and different voices will keep the unjustice stable.


    I saw this quote today, and think it is the best one.

    Art is for all.               --- David Hockney