• 2009-04-19

    【Avant-garde】Play the city -- 你的声音 - [Notes on ART]


    Play the city 是最新近开始的以欧洲为中心的一个网络发表自己观点的中心,这个网络社区融合了blog,影像,音乐,录音等等方式,以艺术的形式让人们可以把自己的观念自由的发布出来。艺术所上演的主导社会作用只有重新放回社会之中才能体现其意义,一些观念关于合作,参与,社会变革,社区艺术等等正在潜移默化的帮助进行着这一关于艺术观念的改造和形式的革新。从1990开始,由于互联网的推广和电子技术的革新,越来越多的艺术作品开始采用多种媒体形式的混合,并且将其展示平台更大的扩展开来,在传统和先锋艺术之间界限,除却艺术载体之外,还有更多的是关于艺术所表现的内涵。

    多样化,多元化,社会化 --- 是现在逐渐进行着主流艺术改革。

    How does the public participate in political dialogue? What constitutes public opinion? What do people understand "public space" to mean? The significance of the social plays a central role in the discourse on art. Concepts such as participation, collaboration, the social turn, and community-based art have clearly influenced both the production and the reception of art.

    The idea that Playing the City realizes on various levels is a continuation of the ideas of important avant-garde movements of the twentieth century. A practice of art based on participation has become increasing important, in parallel with an increase in the interactive and collaborative media forms on the Internet and the realities of the nomadism of contemporary globalism. The viewers are integrated into the production of art works in many ways, and the division between traditional roles of the artist as producer and the audience as recipients are being broken down as much as possible. This has produced diverse forms of interactive, cooperative, and interdisciplinary approaches, though they resist clear categorization.