• 2009-04-27

    【News】首场大型J.M.W. Turner展览在中国美术馆举行 - [Artspiration]


    First Major Exhibition of J.M.W. Turner Works Opens at The National Art Museum of China

    J.M.W. Turner 约瑟·马洛德·威廉·透纳

    英国最具影响力的风景水彩画画家,其作品风格在其生存时代很大力度上推动了欧洲风景画(landscape painting)的改革。透纳的才华在早期就被发掘出来了,并且由


    Martin Davidson,英国委员会首席执行官,表示,中国与英国在经济上的紧密联系引到了这场文化盛宴在中国开展。而这条由文化带动的纽带也会一直联系下去,并且逐渐变得更加紧密。文化的联系可以增进中英两国的沟通,并且英国与此同时也在商议将引进一场中国著名艺术家的展览。


    Turner placed human beings in many of his paintings to indicate his affection for humanity on the one hand (note the frequent scenes of people drinking and merry-making or working in the foreground), but its vulnerability and vulgarity amid the 'sublime' nature of the world on the other hand. 'Sublime' here means awe-inspiring, savage grandeur, a natural world unmastered by man, evidence of the power of God - a theme that artists and poets were exploring in this period.

    Martin Davidson, Chief Executive of the British Council said: “China will be an important economic partner for the UK over the coming years and cultural ties will be vital to maintaining strong links. This exhibition forms part of a wider approach to building understanding between the two countries. As the cultural relationship between China and the UK continues to strengthen I am hugely optimistic about future partnerships in the arts and creative industries between the two countries.

    Cultural relations foster the trust and cooperation that contribute to a safer, more prosperous world and I am proud of the central role the British Council is playing in bringing one of the UK’s most respected artists to the Chinese people.”


    The Turner exhibition in China is a momentous event. China will now have the opportunity to experience the power and the subtlety of these works by one of the great masters of Western art.

    I believe that this is just a small step of the future change of the Art world in China. To know and to be known by the world, it is a huge courage for artists in China.



  • bringing one of the UK’s most respected artists to the Chinese people

    不是Chinese artists to the UK people

  • 他最后说的是要引进著名英国艺术家到中国来展览。
    谢谢您 不好意思 我一时马虎了不好意思
    另外最近最近大英博物馆内中国的文物被展览了 希望你可以继续关注一下
    2009-05-12 10:18:01