• 2009-05-04

    【MyWords】关于艺术我们在做着什么--Let me hear from you - [Notes on ART]


    这不是一篇自己的陈述 我想听听你们的话

    This is not only about myself. I wanna hear from you.

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    What are we doing with Art?

    After I wrote down this title, I figured out that it is difficult to describe my feelings. What am I doing with Art, for Art?

    It could be pretty simple. As a in-training photographer, art could be defined in the catagory as just photos containing perticular subjects and follow-up photoshop. People who call themselves artists, no mater where they place themselves and their workds, galleries, or street stands, what they are doing, are all called ART.

    Thus, for ART, the individual part becomes gradually smaller and smaller. The methods and places of showing art extend into a more completed and complicatied social environment. Then, the question of "What are we doing with ART?" changed into "What is ART doing for us?"

    Sometimes I am not willing to admint the influence from art to my life. I thought that I could easily rule it. However, everything seems to drive towards an opposite direction, and worse and worse. Then my life is absorbed, changed by art, even I do not know whether I am ignored by myself.

    Artists become to the media of ART, to demonstrate and strenghten the function of ART ---- reflecting the society, making discourses, and binging changes.

    Art is using every sense to remind people. And it is with too much power to be neglected by people.

    How far can we go on on this road of art...