• 2009-05-07

    【Artist】Shahzia Sikander - [独立艺人]


    "The scroll took a year to make...I was looking at many ways of departing from the conventional miniature in the context of what was happening the past couple of years in the miniature painting department at school. I was looking at Chinese scrolls and I was looking at other forms of eastern art which come out of this whole aesthetic, because they still deal with landscape and they still deal with issues of space."
    - Shahzia Sikander



    Shahzia Sikander
    "The Scroll"
    Vegetable color, dry pigment, watercolor, tea on hand-prepared Wasli paper, 13 1/8 x 63 7/8 inches


    Shahzia Sikanders work takes apart the conventional methods of addressing traditional miniature paintings and reassembles them to expand their associations, inserting new dialogues often subversive in nature. Using wit, irony and paradox, Sikander’s inventiveness draws upon literary, pop, media and art historical contexts. Her work ranges from intimate watercolors, large scale wall installations and digital animation and video. Sikander studied at both the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan and the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence.


    Shahzia Sikander


    这是一段Shahzia SikanderMoMA 执行官和首席策展Glenn Lowry之间的访谈录音。有一个小时长,如果你有耐心,请看完。






    The original perspectives from the artist and the opinions from society are not always going to the same track. The relationship between these two groups is a needy question. It is also the duty of a successful curator, or a non-conventional curator.

    Whether bringing the artist to a show or not, it mostly depends on the communication between the artist and a social concern. Sometimes artists are show of their own. Sometimes artists restrict the functions of their art.

    I just boldly throw a question here. “What if art does not have artists as its media to convey the messages?”