• 2009-05-16

    【Illustrator】Zarrinkelk - [Artspiration]


    最近喜欢上了插画 在费城的角落里面发现了一家书店专门卖二手的插画书

    好生喜欢 打算开始小小的收集一下

    Zarrinkelk, born in 1937, is considered "the father of animation in Iran."

    The author has written this story in fond memory of the silkworms in his own childhood which he used to take home and put along side his books, and kite, and other toys.

    Unlike the other silkworms that slept upside down, there was one that always slept facing the ceiling. Naturally, this little worm could see the sky and many other things that the others couldn't. It always dreamed of wondrous things like flying.

    One day, the silkworm noticed that all the others had woven cocoons around themselves. He thought for some time. But to think one needs privacy. So finally it decided that it should also have a cocoon. While inside it again dreamed of the sky and when it stuck its head out from the cocoon it found itself attached to a kite flying in the sky. Later the cocoon fell off the kite, opened up, and gradually the silkworm drifted on the air.

    It had become a butterfly! And the butterfly flew off to a mulberry tree.


    又是一个关于反叛的小故事 想想自己小时候听过多少关于这样子的故事 但是成为大人的世界之后还是照样的循规蹈矩 枉费那些年轻的时候了

    于是我决定我要努力努力年轻着 用尽一切力气年轻着