• 2009-05-20

    【MicroShow】整理之后 - [Artspiration]


      微展----可以看做是一个模型抑或是一个对于传统策展概念的更新或者颠覆 是一种更加自由并且更加尊重艺术作品原创作者的行为
      微展的意义在于突破对于展览的限制 资金 场地 当然更重要的是关于主题的限制和歪曲 有时候艺术家们的作品并不能准确并且直接的被表达和衔接
      展览本身高于但以艺术品的意义就在于其对于社会的影响力 在数量上和质量上都高于艺术家和艺术品本身 所以一场更加自由并且并不需求太高客观因素的展览会得到更多的社会关注和祈祷更大的影响
      基于更多的技术和互联网的宣传作用 我目前也在和更多的人们进行着沟通 希望可以得到更多的意见和帮助 最终成型
      This conception has gradually matured in my mind.
      MicroShow is a new style and concopt comparing to the tranditional shows. It could be created as a model of a show or considered as a show or an art work by itself. With its advantages which are portable and free. MicroShow allows artists to have maximal flexibility and freedom to demonstrate their ideas and construct a more solid stronger show theme. On the other hand, meanings of the art works can be conveyed more directly and connected with the views.
      The influence and meanings of shows are more significant than art works, because an art show brings impacts from multiple directions, and also contains more power from quality and quanlity perspectives. Thus, a show that has more open rooms and free styles which does not require too much objective conditions is on demand not only for the sake of artists, but also the viewers (society).