• 2009-05-21

    【People】Norman Foster - [Artspiration]


    Norman Foster, has been bestowed the 2009 Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts. The decision was announced today by the Jury in Oviedo. Photo: EFE/Fernando Alvarado.

    Norman Foster 1935年出生于英国曼彻斯的一个普通工人家庭,21岁开始学习建筑设计,在英国 Manchester University School of Architecture and City Planning毕业之后到耶鲁大学进行深造。在耶鲁大学得到导师 Lloyd Wright and Kahn的深刻影响,之后在1967年建立了Foster Associated,目前更名为Foster and Partners。已经是拥有上千专业建筑设计师和在20多个国家都有分支的建筑公司。

    他最成名的作品是 the Bank of Hong Kong and Shanghai。1985年修建,大量应用了高科技和自然日光,使得建筑本身拥有含金量很高的使用价值和科技含量。


    Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Headquarters

    Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1979-1986

    When the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank commissioned Foster and Partners to design ‘the best bank building in the world’, the practice responded by virtually reinventing the office tower. Through a process of questioning and challenging - including the involvement of a feng shui geomancer - the project addressed the nature of banking in Hong Kong, placing a high priority of flexibility. (摘自官网)


    In 1988 the construction of the metro system in Bilbao (inaugurated in 1995)

    the communications tower of Collserola in Barcelona (on Tibidabo), which was vital for the 1992 Olympic Games

    the new terminal at London's third airport (Stansted, Essex)

    the glass dome of the restored Reichstag in Germany

    the new Commerzbank headquarters in Frankfurt (Germany) with 62 floors

    the dome in the Great Court of the British Museum (London)

    the Millenium tower with 92 floors and 385 meters high (London)

    the Sage Gateshead centre for music (United Kingdom)

    the Daaewoo Tech Tower (Seoul) and the Carré d´Art (Nimes).

    the world's highest bridge, which stands 243 meters above the River Tarn (France) and which is 23 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower. It was inaugurated in December 2004 and is considered the first great project of the 21st century.