• 2009-05-23

    【Discuss】Should We Make Art Skillful? - [Notes on ART]


    While I keep practising my idea about MicroShow, a question also keep bouncing in my mind.

    Should Art be such Skillful? OR Should we make Art Skillful?

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    As the media and range of Art expands dramatically, it seems like Art's apparance has climbed to a more significant position than it used to be. Or we can say, than the meanings that one art object holds. This is not a critism or a debate about esthetics of Art, but a discussion about the way that Art exists in the society, about its role and function. If Art is just a simple object that people focus more on its pratical and appreciation value, then should we question about the existance of Art?

    On the other hand, the pratical value and the appearance of Art, and the social or public influences (e.g. educational) of Art all need to be combined in order to generate an interaction function.


    About the art, I cannot conclude it as a way to express feelings or thoughts of artists, or a way to receive appreciation from viewers. It is more about thinking patten and reflections. Both of these two stuff will expand the space.

    我所想到的艺术 无法归结为一种表现形式

    思考 和 发问 会延展出更多的空间



  • welcome to china!我刚看到你在798的留言,我想我们可能是同行,并且我们的理想可能一样,艺术是自由的。我在苏州,和我联系