• 2009-06-02

    【MyWord】The Distance Between Art and Me - [Notes on ART]




      很多时候我自己也在对自己发问 自己与艺术之间的距离
      给自己的blog起名字的时候 那段描述叫做
      make art accessible to everyone
      艺术与人们之间的距离 或者说这种所谓的距离 真的应该存在么

      先不谈论与艺术之间距离的问题 想知道这种距离是怎么产生出来的 所谓距离感大概就是 一个人在现实中完成一件事情与自己所设想之间的差别 或者是 在同样的领域自己的观念与被社会所认同观念之间的差别

      现在在中国做艺术 很多人都在看着西方的模式 或者是所做的东西都是参照着西方的格式 可能是因为商业化运作的成功收益或者是西方长久以来一直在这个市场上占有的优势地位
      虽然这些都要拜商品化经济和金钱这一概念所赐 但是艺术品和艺术观念的产生也在逐渐着完善着
      其实处于这中间的我有时候会觉得很矛盾 不知所措
      对于西方露骨自由的表达形式很是欣赏的同时觉得缺乏含蓄 自己的骨子里面是对于中国优美委婉的表达方式的传承和尊重 但是又觉得过于保守
      于是每次都会重新回到一个起点上来 —— 一个方向

      与艺术之间的距离 其实根本不用费心衡量
      其实很简单 做什么事情 不要用这两个字来圈住自己
      做 便是了
      另外, 谢谢 Allen


    One of my Chinese friends said,

    "I feel that I am pretty far away from Art."  

    In fact, sometimes especially after I picked up this path, I question myself about this. This distance between art and me.

    How far would that be?

    When I wrote down the brief description for my blog " Make Art Accessible to Everyone."

    It might be an unappropriate statement.

    The distance ---- art and us, other, or this so-called distance.

    Should it be there?  


    Leave this question on the side for a while. I wonder how this distance exists there.

    A distanced feeling = the differences and inevitable compromise between the reality and the blueprint in a person's mind when he or she accomplished one thing
    OR the disparity of opinions which a person and the society both has in the same area

    These two things produce the distance.


    Art in China right now, no one can avoid the tendency of following or studying the patten from the West. This situation happens might because of the successful and mature commercial and business operation and the profit from marker. Admittedly, art market in the West dominates the superior popsition.

    However, thanks to the proficient operation of the market, the media, patterns and methods of art have become more diverse, exquisite and knowledgable.

    Sometimes, being in the mid-way makes me feel paradoxical.

    I appreciate the undisguised and direct way to express the feelings and meanings from the western art. But I think that they are too easy to show and lack of an implicit feeling. I inherit the conservative and quiet character from the Asian part. Sometimes, they are short of bravery and burst out energy.

    So everything just comes back to one issuw for me ---- a direction.

    OR a fuse.


    Maybe when people do things, they should not be chained by a definition for what they doing.

    It's simple. Just do.


    And, many thanks to Allen.




  • 看了好多你的文章 觉得需要回去思考一下
    这个“距离”更多的是一种自我的渺小吧 我现在就这么觉得 了解的不够 以至于在理解的时候要费力的形成一种艺术思维 这是好多没有做过艺术的人都会遇到的问题
    但是觉得感兴趣了 最好是安安静静的坚定的走下去 这也不辜负“梦想”这俩字儿~