• 2009-06-17

    【MyWord】Experimental Art Style_试验性艺术 - [Notes on ART]


    最近在很怀旧很怀旧的摄影作品 用古老的相机和发了霉的黑白胶片 自己用化学制品冲印 然后放在巨大的铁柜子里面晾干 突然很喜欢这个样子 惊奇于身边的很多事情都在消逝

    不断有人在我耳边说着创新创新创新 而我却突然龟缩起来安安静静在一个角落里面用最原始的方式用手指头感觉照片出来的每一步的质感











    只是一些琐碎的言论 毋庸纷扰


    Experimental Art Style. I saw the similar phrase from an online magezine'a self-statement. It calls itself "Multi-combined experimental publication platform."

    Experimental, in a large scale, also can be considered as an uncertainity of future direction or main theme. Experiment means tying with any possible carriers, media and loading platforms, until hits on the crucial one to disseminate their ideas.The word "experimental" contains a strong feeling of mobility and adjusting as well. It keeps leaving and creating bigger developing spaces.

    This style can enhance the merge of newborn things, and provide them with all-directioned possibilities. It expands the way that how a product develops, and the contents that it has. However, it also limits the efficiency and level that the thing develops. Because switching the depth development to the width development means that the average effort and tech that one can devote into one aspect will reduce.

    Comparing with experimental style, the systematical style is maturer. The systematical style has a developed system that built inside. It makes the operation process easier and quicker. I think that these two types of styles are the reason between Chinese art and western art.

    Chinese art has not grown to a mature place yet. Everything needs to rely on unexperienced attempts, which are the "experimental style".  However, western art has developed it own system. Although I do believe that an experimental style has more potentiality, only when things can be operated fluently and well-known by others, more areas and people would be willing to get involved.