• 2009-06-22

    【Movie】Just from the technique side - [Notes on ART]


    Hogan其实是一个很不错的温情美式幽默片子的大头 所谓喜剧我给出来的定义不仅仅是可以把满场观众惹得哄堂大笑 还有很多关于整部片子中在不缺乏恰当桥段的同时对于任何复杂情绪的简化 让观众们可以直接的体会到电影所要表达的思想和人物之间的单纯情感 让观者在走出电影院的同时感觉到如释重负抑或是对于生活简单一面的坚信和执着
      婚礼的设置 伴娘伴郎 新娘的性格和家庭背影 包括演员阵容的选择 女主角的editor兼任后来的好朋友的性取向 男女主角相识的经过 以及婚礼所安排的地点 等等等等
      都循规蹈矩的严守了所有早已经存在在人们脑海当中的scheme 让观众们在观看过程中不浪费任何脑细胞的接收着 这也就达到了所谓大脑内部的放松


    Ann's Note

    Talking about comedy.

    A good comedy is not only about making people laugh, but also about simplifying complicated emotions in the movie. The connections and expressions from the movie is to release the intensity and confusion from the audiences.

    A great comgedy makes its audience believe the goodness and happiness when they finish the movie. "Life should be so simple." That is the thing that they should feel like.

    Hogan made a good one. My best friend's wedding is produced based upon everything tranditional. For the sake of saving everyone's brain cell sacrifacations.

    It is a good one.