• 2009-07-02

    【Video】artifical nature - [Artspiration]


    Doug Aitken, American, born 1968; still from migration (empire)–linear version, 2008; single channel video, duration: 24 minutes, 28 seconds; Lent by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The William Hood Dunwoody Fund. Image © Doug Aitken, Courtesy 303 Gallery, New York; Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich; Victoria-Miro Gallery, London; Regen Projects, Los Angeles.

    The Saint Louis Art Museum and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts have collaborated to present Doug Aitken's migration (empire)–linear version, a mesmerizing video work. The 24-minute film will open in St. Louis on June 27, 2009, before moving on to its home in Minneapolis for a February 19, 2010 opening.

    Doug Aitken 1968年出生于加利福尼亚州,以其尤其着重于细节和对于精细细节的着重刻画闻名的特色,是当代领先的先锋影像(video) 艺术家之一。其作品主要捕捉了当代美国文化之中的复杂情绪。这次在明尼苏达展出的作品,migration (empire)–linear version 于2008年拍摄,表现了在自然与人文,过去与现在,野性和被驯服的文化中之间的矛盾和交织。



    The piece explores the confrontation between nature and culture, past and present, the wild and the tamed, power and decline.

    In migration (empire)–linear version, Aitken closely studied wild North American animals, such as the bison, deer, owl, mountain lion, raccoon, fox and jackrabbits, and released within the artificial habitat of desolate hotel room, yield scenes of humor—a beaver in a bathtub—as well as moments of empathy—a bison struggling within a confined space. Like many great American artworks, migration (empire)–linear version captures America's character and contradictions. It provides a meditation on America as it grows, changes, and finds its place in the 21st century.