• 2009-07-16

    【movie】战争之王 - [Notes on ART]



    Who are you


    you are born with it

    when someone their true self

    it is really hard to deserve it

    dont fall in love

    either with yourself

    or with someone else

    it will let you give things up.

    Things that the other part of this society cares


    do never clarify your identity as a freedom fighter

    it is just the only thing that you will never do. Even though you want to do it more than anything else.

    And do never get so involved with your identity.

    You will lose others'....

    but we are human beings. We care about each other.

    The only question is


    do you care

    do you care

    do you care


    Sometimes we are just too stubborn.

    Too sure about what we are doing makes a big deal.

    And our generous world is still turning without stopping even a single second.


    And life is smart and even.

    When it sees you are too tried, it will let you have some rest.