• 2009-09-21

    【Thought】love, but not too much. - [O]


    I try to focus on making a conclusion about the conversations that I had with people on NET Night. However, I could not.

    Especailly when I realized that when people are missing the answers that they are actually looking for. And they are trying to find a way out of this mess.

    People love art, especially aritists.

    In this art world, there are a lot of energy, no matter what kind of emotion that different artists express by themseleves. They all have one similarity --- the growing energy to feel and express. If the energy has been repressed for some reason, it would convert into some impatient but idolatrous pride, or another outcome -- passive abandonment.

    When facing the reality of finding a way out, this is where the anxiety comes from. Artists are dreamers, in the concrete world. I listen to people's words carefully. They are words with some imagination and nice hopes. Again, it is positive energy.

    People become masters eventually.The rest who admire and look up to them climb upwards the moutain, strive for a touch of the glory. It is a long road, not that perilous.

    For sure they are people with luck. Maybe they are also a little bit stubborn.

    Offering an answer exceeds everyone's ability, not only those people who were on the stage on Friday night. I am thinking about one sentense that probably would be helpful, for those who are trying and believing still.

    I am just an amateur.