• 2009-10-06

    【Show】关于一场展览 - [Artspiration]


    之前写了很多关于社会影响和艺术品自身的美感和意义 这一次想简单探讨一下关于展览

    关于一场展览的意义大概很难被定义 什么才能算做事一场好展览 观摩人数 教育水平 藏展容量 还是布展水平

    PMA(philadelphia mesuem of art)最近的展览:Henri Matisse and Modern Art on the French Riviera

    Matisse, 亨利·馬蒂斯,法国画家,野兽派的创始人、主要代表人物,以使用鲜明、大胆的色彩而著名。


    很明显,Matisse成为了整场展览的噱头,但是另一方面却让参展人在不同时间和国度的艺术家之间穿梭,比较,观察到不同艺术风格的发展和成型。同样的作品在一个时间跨度之内的诠释,以及法国本土艺术家和旅行而来的艺术家之间的手法。在批判的观点上来看,这是一场采取了典型master piece宣传模式的展览,但是却达到了意想不到的结果。不能说是一场杰出的展览,却可以被评价为是一个无心插柳柳成荫的杰作。




    Woman and Children
    Probably made in France
    Pablo Ruiz y Picasso, Spanish, 1881 - 1973
    Oil on canvas
57 1/2 x 44 3/4 inches (146 x 113.7cm)
    © Estate of Pablo Picasso / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

    * Exhibition Gallery, Perelman Building, first floor
    Gift of Mrs. John Wintersteen, 1964

    In 1955 Pablo Picasso bought La Californie, an ornate nineteenth-century villa in Cannes, where he set up his studio in a high-ceilinged room overlooking a garden filled with eucalyptus and palm trees. It was in this top-floor studio that Picasso painted Jacqueline Roque, flanked by two children who can be identified as Paloma Picasso, the artist's twelve-year-old daughter from his earlier relationship with Françoise Gilot, on the left, and Cathy, Jacqueline's fifteen-year old daughter, shown faceless on the right. Completed on April 20, 1961, this painting portrays a family united through Picasso's marriage to Jacqueline in the previous month.

    Leda and the Swan
    Marie Laurencin, French, 1885 - 1956
    Oil on canvas
26 1/2 x 32 inches (67.3 x 81.3 cm)
    © Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

    * Exhibition Gallery, Perelman Building, first floor
    Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. G. Chaplin, 1978

    Leda and the Swan was a popular subject for modern artists, who enjoyed its themes of transformation and seduction. According to Greek mythology, the god Zeus changed himself into a swan to seduce Leda, the wife of Tyndareus, the king of Sparta. In Marie Laurencin's version, which was influenced by her work for the Ballets Russes in Monte Carlo, Leda caresses the swan's feathered neck and back, yet the black railing that separates them suggests an insurmountable division between the sexes, perhaps reflecting Laurencin's own position as one of the few female artists within the French avant-garde.

    Modern and Contemporary Art
    Henri Matisse, French, 1869 - 1954
    Oil on canvas
25 1/4 x 29 1/16 inches (64.1 x 73.8 cm)
    © Succession H. Matisse, Paris / Artists Rights Society (RS), New York

    Most of the paintings that Henri Matisse made in Nice in the 1920s feature female models in richly decorated hotel interiors. Breakfast depicts nineteen-year-old model Antoinette Arnoux in the artist's opulently furnished room at the Hôtel de la Méditerranée. Seated, with a book on her lap, Arnoux has a contemplative, self-absorbed pose, as if lost in thought. The color, pattern, and brushstrokes that animate the room around Arnoux are typical of Matisse's Nice period, but the feeling of ennui, the sense of intimacy, and the emphasis on the psychological state of the model mark a distinct departure from the artist's earlier work.


    ann‘s note

    安也在拼命的思考 我能给你们带来什么

    只是由时候不要因为太忙碌 周身的物质太充满 都没有时间去创造