• 2010-03-20

    【a poetry】 For Andy Warhol and All the praise for him


    if that is the thing.

    then I would love to express myself.

    an entire self.

    no matter you pretend that you understand or you really do.

    I would always tell you that.

    this is me.

    and you know the fact that I am definitely not a public speaker.

    the last sentence.

    is what I do not want say.


    Let’s Andy Warhol as a part of the world. What kind of thing would you image he could be. A person. An icon. Some kind of animal. Name him as one part of the culture. Or he is just a machine. A machine in this part of the world which could make the rest of it sting and pause for a moment.

    then it’s the mechanic’s role.

    yes the mechanic.

    he will come and exam, eventually find out what the problem is.

    and guess what.

    he will fix it.

    use pincers, some strength, advanced technology will get involved as well.

    Then he would say “Here, Sir. There will be no problem. And this is my name card. Contact me if you need me again.”

    what a lovely statement.

    It is departed. far away from it. to put into a log.

    for people to need reference later on.

    lovely lovely smooth. will be continued.